Custom Cars, Classic Cars and Hot Rods

high-performance-transmission-ventura-ca 2At DMC Transmissions, custom cars, classic cars and hot rods are an integral part of our business. The classic car industry appeals to many, and there continues to be a rise in custom car building as well as a growing interest in racing and competition style platforms. Because of the success of our National Radio Show “Horsepower for an Hour” we are continually engaged with custom and classic car enthusiasts from all over the nation. With most custom car builds, there are several key factors and elements that determine which transmission is right for you. At DMC, we take the time to discuss not only which transmission is correct for your classic car, but also the level of build for your transmission.

The transmission for a classic cruiser will be far different than a car built specifically for a dragstrip, and a desert racer requires a different type of transmission than a car built for a road course, and at DMC Transmissions we understand those differences.

high-performance-transmission-ventura-ca 4For those with late model, six (6) and eight (8) speed performance style computer controlled transmissions, we have developed custom electronic as well as hydraulic sub-routines that will elevate durability while increasing the longevity of the transmission. Working closely with the team at “Full Throttle Kustomz” , we have developed a competition General Motors six speed automatic transmission that is truly performance from every perspective.

For those with off-road interests, our heavy duty diesel Powerstroke, Duramax, and Cummins transmissions are built tough and built to take a beating. Our 48RE transmission is second to none, our 4R100 and 5R110 Ford truck transmissions are built to deliver and our Allison 1000 has been a proven performer for many years. If the road course is your favorite track, come on in and see us to discuss how we can help improve your lap time, DMC Transmissions, come on in and “Experience the Difference”.

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Call us today at (805) 652-2221 and see why our transmission customers love DMC Transmissions!